IGN Benelux

/ mobile page

IGN Benelux did not have a functioning mobile page so a responsive mobile only page was created using their rss feed to show news items.

Client: Simon Kissing

Commissioned by: Simonsaysmedia

Brand New Day

/ chatform

For Brand new day we wanted to use a different way to collect leads. The idea was to change the form in a whatsapp style chat so a somewhat familiar way of exchanging contact information was created.

Client: Brand New Day

Commissioned by: Ligatus GMBH


/ like viewer

Instagram used to have a function where you could see the images that you or other people had liked. Unfortunately they decided to scrap this function.

To bring this back i used the instagram API to retrieve the likes en show the images en information in a graphic way.

Demo: simonsaysmedia.nl/instaget

Client: Simon Kissing

Commissioned by: Simonsaysmedia


/ web application

For Trinité i made a webversion of their own desktop software that is used in traffic control centers.
Their goal was to have a version for wich no extra ports had to be opened.
In the application it was possible to see live traffic information and information from traffic regulation installations.

Client: Trinité

Commissioned by: Trinité

Albert Heijn

/ appie

For Ahold we created a leadform that collect leads for “Appie” their online webshop / mobile app.

Client: Ahold

Commissioned by: Ligatus GMBH


/ trailer page

A teaserpage with a responsive full page video.

Client: Matrixx

Commissioned by: Media-Artists

Beter horen

/ leadpage

For Beter Horen we created a leadpage for the promotion of hearing aids that was targeted at senior / elderly people and containd a form with a low count of input fields.

Client: Beter Horen

Commissioned by: Ligatus GMBH

Carousel slider

/ css only

Because of limitations on a project i created a functioning responsive carousel slider build with html and css only. keeping the html as clean and basic as possible.
Soon i will do a blogpost about how this was done.

Demo: Css carousel slider


Commissioned by:


/ leadpage

Renault wanted a leadpage that would communicative directly with their API.
For the design we used promotional material to give the product a full page presentation.

Client: Renault

Commissioned by: Ligatus GMBH


/ gaming blog

A Gamingblog with news, reviews and tripreports.
Build on modx and has a responsive video slider.


Client: Gametotaal

Commissioned by: Gametotaal

Gamescom Video

/ aftermovie

An Impression of Gamescom 2013 shot for Gametotaal.

Client: Gametotaal

Commissioned by: Gametotaal